We Are Makeshots

We provide shooting-specific basketball training to individual players and teams


We believe the only thing that should prompt a change to your shooting motion is how often the ball goes through the hoop. Our process begins by observing, charting, and analyzing a large sample of your shots. After we’ve identified your most common miss, we reverse engineer your shot to find the root cause and build an individualized plan targeting the specific skills you need to improve.

MakeShots Team


Since 2018, our team has provided shooting instruction to over 6,000 basketball players across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The success of our players has led to collaborations with well known programs, including the Michigan State University Women’s Basketball team.

Andy Secor | MakeShots Basketball

Coach Secor

Founder & CEO / Instructor / Grand Rapids
Trevor Chalmers | MakeShots Basketball

Coach Chalmers

Instructor / Grand Rapids
Mike Soukup | MakeShots Basketball

Coach Soukup

Instructor / Metro Detroit
Denny Krynicki | MakeShots Basketball

Coach Krynicki

Instructor / Grand Rapids
Derk Oosting | MakeShots Basketball

Coach Oosting

Instructor / Grand Rapids